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Growth opportunities ahead as fire protection material market grows

The rapid growth of the construction industry is expected to cause growth in the Fire Protection Material market going forward ...

Staffordshire fire issues safety warning following tumble dryer fire

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has urged the public to check their home appliances following a tumble dryer fire in ...

Panel formed to enforce fire safety norms for vulnerable buildings in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has informed the Bombay High Court Monday that it has issued a government resolution to set up ...

Alabama firefighters claim retaliation for overtime lawsuit

Firefighters from Gadsden Local 454 are bringing a legal fight against the City of Gadsden, Alabama, regarding several years of ...

Insurance firm predicts rise in lithium-ion fires from e-bikes and scooters

Insurance firm AXA UK has issued a warning over the growing fire risks associated with the lithium-ion batteries used in ...
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