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Forest fires claim 112 lives in central Chile amid intense battle by firefighters

Devastating wildfires engulf central Chile In recent days central Chile has been ravaged by catastrophic forest fires, leading to at ...
aftermath of forest bush grassland fire

Hungary's persistent forest fire challenge

Despite the rarity of canopy fires in Hungary, the frequency of wildfires remains a cause for concern. With an average ...
Rosenbauer - GAROS G10

Rosenbauer unveils lightweight forest fire protection suit

A look at the latest innovation in fire safety, engineered for the toughest outdoor challenges Rosenbauer’s latest offering Rosenbauer has ...

Bulgaria and North Macedonia agree cross-border cooperation in forest firefighting

A cross-border network for natural disaster response has been established under a project between Bulgaria and the Republic of North ...
Fireman Trio 11

Reducing the respiratory risks of forest firefighting

David Robinat Ros├ęs, Communication Manager at Vallfirest looks at how wildland firefighters can protect against smoke Forest firefighters are subjected ...

EU mobilises to join fight against Portugal forest fires

The European Commission has deployed two firefighting airplanes to support Portugal with the country’s ongoing wildfire emergency. Following a request ...

Equivalent of 16 football pitches lost to forest fires every minute

Forest fires are burning twice as much global tree cover as 20 years ago according to new data published on ...

Forest fire devastates Northern Algeria

At least 26 people have been killed and dozens more injured on Wednesday in forest fires that decimated parts of ...

Slovenia calls in assistance as forest fires break out near Italian border

Slovenia has requested assistance to tackle forest fires in the Karst of Gorica region of the Miren Kostanjevica municipality. The ...

Forest fire threatens ancient sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park

A grove of ancient sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park are in danger as the Washburn Fire grew to more ...
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