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Electric vehicle fire protection materials market set for growth, protecting a US$3.5 trillion industry

The importance of fire safety in electric vehicles Electric vehicle (EV) fire safety is an increasingly critical area of focus. ...
electric vehicle fire

Data highlights increase in electric vehicle battery fires in the UK

Introduction to the UK’s growing issue with EV battery fires The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has surged in recent ...
warehouse manufacturing

North Fire unveils firefighting vehicles manufacturing factory in Mytholmroyd

North Fire , a renowned firefighting vehicle manufacturer, has recently launched its new 12,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Mytholmroyd, ...
Ziamatic Sprayer

Cooling the blaze: Ziamatic tackles vehicle fires

Ziamatic’s new vehicle cooling units tackle the growing challenge of vehicle fires For fire departments worldwide, vehicle fires are an ...
Lorry heavy duty vehicle

The critical role of fire protection systems in heavy-duty vehicles

Transporting goods over long distances or managing heavy-duty operations carries inherent risks, notably the potential threat of fires within vehicles. ...

Research highlights lower fire risk in electric cars compared to petrol and diesel vehicles

Recent research has shed light on the fire risks associated with electric vehicles (EVs), revealing that they are significantly lower ...
fredrik-rosen (1)

Fredrik Rosén takes on the role of Business Line Manager for Material Handling at Dafo Vehicle

Dafo Vehicle, known for its excellence in safety for vehicles in high-risk sectors, has appointed Fredrik Rosén as their Business ...

Airservices Australia invests in hybrid electric vehicles for Western Sydney International Airport

Airservices Australia’s new addition: Electric Vehicles Airservices Australia has confirmed the purchase of four hybrid electric vehicles from Oshkosh Airport ...

Electric vehicle fires in focus at The Emergency Services Show

Electric vehicle fires and their innovative solutions are set to be a focal point at this year’s Emergency Services Show ...

Siemens unveils new whitepaper on fire safety in parking garages with electric vehicles

Siemens has released a new whitepaper focusing on fire safety for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in parking garages. Available ...
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