Advanced fire safety system at Newham University Hospital boosts safety measures

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Newham University Hospital upgrades fire safety system

Newham University Hospital in East London has upgraded its fire safety system with the installation of Advanced MxPro 5 panels.

The installation was carried out by M&G Fire Protection, involving comprehensive rewiring and the addition of multiple new panels.

The project required meticulous planning and execution to ensure the hospital’s round-the-clock operations were not disrupted.

In total, 97 nodes were installed, covering more than 10,000 devices.

The upgrade also considered future enhancements planned over the next three years, adhering to HTM0503 standards governing fire safety in healthcare premises.

M&G Fire Protection’s role in the project

M&G Fire Protection played a crucial role in the installation, leveraging Advanced’s solutions known for their versatile multi-protocol switch-over capabilities and intuitive cause-and-effect configuration.

Steve Middleton, Director of M&G Fire Protection, said: “We opted for Advanced panels due to their flexible cause-and-effect configuration, which makes setup, testing, and maintenance a breeze.

The intuitive display makes the panels very easy to use, and the integration with external services via the BMS card is straightforward and highly beneficial.”

Despite numerous challenges, M&G adopted a phased approach to minimise downtime and maintain system functionality throughout the upgrade.

Advanced’s fire safety solutions

Salvy Vittozzi, Advanced’s Regional Sales Manager for the South East, commented: “Advanced’s fire safety solutions were ideal for Newham University Hospital due to their robust capabilities and ease of integration.

“The flexibility and reliability of our systems ensured that, even with the complex requirements and round-the-clock operations of a major healthcare facility, we could deliver a seamless and effective fire safety solution.”

The project, completed on schedule, underscores Advanced’s commitment to providing cutting-edge fire safety solutions and M&G’s dedication to excellence and collaboration.

The MxPro 5 panel is certified by FM Approvals to EN 54 Parts 2 and 4 and offers a choice of four detector protocols and an open installer network.

MxPro 5 panel features

The MxPro 5 panel stands out for its false alarm management capabilities, which are available as standard.

AlarmCalm delivers control of verification and investigation delays, allowing precise control of false alarm management.

The BMS/graphics interface allows easy integration with BMS systems and graphical control PCs, catering to sites requiring control from multiple graphical PCs.

The ease of installation and configuration, along with a wide range of peripheral options, makes the MxPro 5 highly customisable.

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