AEI Cables emphasises safety for Category 3 control fire performance cables

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AEI Cables urges safety in electrical supply chain

AEI Cables has issued a reminder to the electrical cables supply chain, stressing the importance of safety concerning Category 3 Control fire performance cables.

As reported by AEI Cables, these cables power systems including smoke and heat extraction systems, which aid fire services in firefighting and enable safe evacuation during emergencies.

These cables help reduce harmful smoke, toxic gases, and flame spread in real fire situations.

Updated guidance for critical safety cables

Stuart Dover, general manager of AEI Cables, stated: “We’re advising those in the supply chain to check guidance on Category 3 Control fire performance cables and ensure safety is the priority.

“The latest guidance was issued in 2020 but is still entirely relevant for these important cables.”

Dover further explained that the guidance is crucial for selecting the right cabling for critical systems, ensuring that people in new buildings can feel secure.

The Code of Practice for Category 3 Control fire performance cables under BS 8519:2020 outlines how to select and install fire-resistant power and control cable systems to maintain circuit integrity during a fire.

Importance for large and specialised buildings

The updated Code of Practice is intended for use by designers, contractors, fire engineers, and regulators.

It is particularly relevant for large buildings or those with specific safety requirements, such as sprinkler pumps, smoke control systems, and evacuation lifts.

The Code references BS 9999 and BS 9991 regarding the design and installation of electrical distribution systems for life safety and firefighting equipment.

This ensures a comprehensive approach to fire safety in various building types, including hospitals, shopping malls, and office spaces.

Broad applications of Category 3 control cables

Category 3 Control fire performance cables are also applicable to evacuation alarms for the disabled, emergency voice communications systems, and voice alarm systems in buildings like care homes and stadia.

These cables, including the Firetec Total Fire Solutions range, offer advanced technology and technical support from AEI Cables’ facility in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

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