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Agriculture Produce Market Committee ask traders to install fire safety system

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Following two fire incidents in Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) complex, one of Asia’s largest wholesale markets in Navi Mumbai, the authorities have decided to make it mandatory for all shop owners to install fire extinguishing system in their galas.

According to The Hindustan Times, the complex houses over 4,200 galas and offices in the five wholesale markets for onion-potato, vegetable, fruit, spices and grains. There is also an extended vegetable market, export house, central facility buildings and other structures.

The APMC administration has already begun sending out letters to all traders and their associations to install fire extinguishers and take other necessary precautionary steps. It will also be mandatory for canteens and stalls in the market.

The administration has appointed a committee to study and recommend security measures in the market. The report is in its final stages and further action will be taken based on the report.

APMC secretary Rajesh Bhusari said, “All traders’ associations and traders in the market have been asked to take necessary precautions. Once we get the final report of the special committee, we shall take further action.”

Responding to the letter, Kirti Rana, president of Navi Mumbai Merchants’ Chamber said, “We have informed the administration that we are taking all necessary precautions.”

He added: “We have also asked the administration to take security measures in the areas where there is a high risk of a fire. Simply securing the galas will not work.”

APMC chairman Ashok Dak said, “It is absolutely necessary that precautions be taken at the micro level and hence the gala owners have been asked to install the fire extinguishers.”

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