Ajax Systems joins the Fire Industry Association to enhance fire safety collaboration

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Ajax Systems enhances fire safety standards through FIA membership

Ajax Systems has officially become a member of the Fire Industry Association (FIA), Europe’s largest fire protection trade association.

This partnership grants Ajax Systems access to an expansive network of over 1,000 industry professionals and resources, fostering collaboration and advancements in fire safety standards.

Paul Pope, Global Head of Fire & Life Safety Business at Ajax Systems and a board member at the FIA, emphasized the strategic value of this alliance: “Our partnership with the FIA is not just about mutual benefit; it signifies a shared commitment to enriching the fire safety community with cutting-edge technology and knowledge.”

Ajax Systems’ commitment to the UK fire safety market

Established as a global entity, Ajax Systems’ decision to join the FIA aligns with its strategy to deepen its presence in the UK fire safety market.

The FIA’s influence is notable, with its involvement in over 200 working groups and educational initiatives that reach approximately 40,000 professionals annually.

Ajax Systems entered fire safety in 2016 with the release of the first Ajax fire detector, FireProtect, which was later evolved into a new model with an added CO sensor, FireProtect Plus.

Over the years, the company gained valuable experience from the wide application of FireProtect detectors.

Innovative developments in fire safety technology

Ajax Systems has shown significant advancements in fire safety technology with the launch of the FireProtect 2 series in 2022.

This series features next-generation fire detectors equipped with patented detection technologies, designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance, and remote configuration and testing via Ajax apps.

The series includes 17 models with various sensor combinations and power supply options, certified to several fire safety standards including EN 14604:2005/AC:2008 and EN 50291-1:2018.

IFSJ Comment

The inclusion of Ajax Systems into the Fire Industry Association marks a proactive step towards enhancing fire safety standards and fostering technological innovation within the industry.

By aligning with the FIA, Ajax Systems not only gains credibility and visibility but also contributes to the broader mission of improving safety and excellence in fire protection.

This collaboration highlights the importance of integrating advanced technologies with industry expertise to address the evolving needs of fire safety.

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