Alabama Fire College programme will benefit firefighters globally

Alabama Fire College

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Alabama Fire College in Tuscaloosa, USA has developed a way to help firefighters focus on their main mission while easing the paperwork burden. Firefighters like fighting fires and caring for sick and injured people, but they are not overly fond of paperwork, the US-based college justified.

Tracy McNair, the college’s database administrator, led a team to come up with a data management system that is changing the way fire departments manage and track their training, certifications and record keeping.

The system turned what has been a frustrating paper-based system into a sophisticated online records management system that will benefit every paid fire department in Alabama and many around the world, Tuscaloosa News reported.

McNair’s system is set to benefit people who must deal with the administrative side of the fire service.

The first phase of the programme involves the development of a new website. The second phase, which came online in November 2021, was the rollout of a new department dashboard, which allows officers and administrators to manage most of the training and certifications, class registrations and record keeping. This means that all that information can now be accessed and controlled by each individual fire department.

The third phase of the rollout is the development and will allow individual firefighters to create a profile and manage their own records and personal information.

The Alabama Fire College is accredited through Pro Board, the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications and through the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

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