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Amthal levels the playing field with Boots2Africa


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Fire and security specialist, Amthal is heading up a campaign with its sponsored football team to support Boots2Africa and donate much needed sporting equipment and football boots to children across Africa.

10,000 people die each year of snake bites in Africa and thousands more get seriously ill through foot infections, with no access to boots to go about daily activities.  The aim of Boots2Africa is to receive and deliver 1 million donated boots by 2030.

Heading up the current campaign is Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal Fire & Security and Committee Member of Welwyn Pegasus FC, Amthal’s sponsored football team.  Jamie also volunteers as an Ambassador for Club Support for Boots2Africa.


Says Jamie: “Whilst our children are often lucky enough to play football with all the necessary kit, even discarding equipment at the end of every season, millions of children across Africa, have no access to shoes for school, life and playing games.  We can help and Boots2Africa is a campaign that we are pleased to support.

“It delivers on Amthal’s vision, incorporating our sustainability values, whereby we are striving for a better and safer world for everyone. 

It also introduces our children who play at Welwyn Pegasus FC to the ideals of ‘levelling the playing field’ and donating trainers and unwanted kits to those who can benefit and really save lives.” 

Boots2Africa, established by Iain Finch, was set up to collect, transport and distribute donated boots to Africa’s children and young adults through relief organisations.  It is funded solely by voluntary donations.

Iain adds: “I have seen first-hand how disease, infections and snakebites kill thousands and injure and incapacitate many others every year.  Many others struggle because of illness caused from infections of the foot.

“I am so grateful for Amthal and Welwyn Pegasus FC’s support in donating so many boots and kits that will undoubtedly make such a difference. 

Together, we can ensure we are doing our best to change the game and ultimately ‘protect what’s precious’ for so many children across Africa.”

To get involved or find out how to donate any unwanted kit, boots or equipment, please visit

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