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ASFP refresh branding with aims to enhance recognition


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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has refreshed its branding to promote a cleaner and more simple design and to improve readability and consistency, as well as offering a more modern and versatile logo.

While maintaining the iconic flames motif, the new logo features the flames emerging from the ASFP name. The font has also been updated to improve legibility, ensuring readers quickly gain a clear understanding of the logo with a single glance. A heavier font has been selected to emphasise the Association’s strength of voice and authority.

A new square shape for the logo offers greater versatility, while black and white versions ensure the branding can be used against a wide variety of backgrounds. Consistency is maintained with the continued use of the signature red flames matched with navy blue to symbolise the Association’s professionalism. 

Launching the new branding, CEO Steve Davies declared: “The ASFP has a strong reputation as a leading authority on passive fire protection but our research suggests that our brand is not universally recognised and understood. Evolution of branding across our products and services has resulted in a lack of consistency and added to the dilution.

“By retaining the ASFP’s iconic flames, the refreshed logo builds on the Association’s long and successful history and its past achievements, while offering greater versatility and encouraging more rapid comprehension. The new branding aims to establish a stronger more consistent profile which reflects the ASFP’s values of independence and authority; professionalism; technical competence; and leading by excellence.

“By building a stronger brand profile, the ASFP hopes to broaden its reach and influence and re-enforce its position as the UK’s most trusted authority on passive fire protection.”

For further information on passive fire protection advice, visit the ASFP website.

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