ASFP sets the standard for passive fire protection with new Advisory Notes

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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced the release of three new Advisory Notes (AN) and an updated document, providing comprehensive guidance on various aspects of firestopping, penetration seals, and smoke seals. These publications aim to enhance industry knowledge and promote best practices in passive fire protection.

Advisory Note 13: Testing of Partial Penetrations

AN 13 focuses on the testing of partial penetrations, specifically socket boxes installed into drywall systems. As a temporary measure while a CEN standard is being developed, the advisory note recommends an ad-hoc approach to firestopping these products, based on testing to BS EN1364-1: Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements. Walls. This guidance emphasizes the importance of maintaining wall performance when incorporating electrical boxes into fire-rated assemblies.

Advisory Note 30: Transition from CE Marking to UKCA Mark

AN 30 addresses the transition from CE marking to the UKCA mark and its impact on different passive fire protection product families. It outlines the necessary steps during the transition period and offers valuable insights for manufacturers and specifiers to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape effectively. This note aims to ensure a smooth transition and compliance with the updated requirements.

Advisory Note 31: Smoke Seals for Active Fire Curtains

AN 31 addresses concerns related to the usage of smoke seals in conjunction with active fire curtains. In response to false claims suggesting the limited effectiveness of draught excluders in preventing the passage of cold smoke during fire resistance tests, this document clarifies that the smoke seals used are based on the same technology employed in smoke leakage-rated fire-resisting doors. The note emphasizes the necessity of including smoke seals during both leakage and fire tests.

Updated Advisory Note 15: Flexible Wall Systems for Service Penetration Seals

Advisory Note 15 has been updated to reflect changes in the interchange of flexible wall systems for service penetration seal systems. Originally providing visual clarification for a complex statement in BS EN1366-3: 2009: Fire resistance tests for service installations. Penetration seals, this revised note aligns its drawings with the updated BS EN 1366-3: 2021 version. This update ensures accurate and up-to-date guidance for practitioners in the field.

All ASFP Advisory Notes can be downloaded free from the ASFP Publications library, accessible at:

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