Avon Protection donates TIC to help search and rescue operations

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Avon Protection have donated nine thermal imaging cameras to Nepalese charity, Karma Flights, to help them in their search and rescue operations.

Karma Flights are a non-profit Organization based in Nepal. A group of volunteers work to improve schools, install water supplies to villages, improve medical facilities in remote areas as well as many other projects around Nepal.

One of the things Karma Flights do is act as first responders to landslides and earthquakes, which happen often in Nepal and have devastating effects on people’s lives. The Avon Protection Thermal Imaging Cameras will make search and rescue operations much easier, as well helping to identify people beneath the rubble and rescue them in a much more-timely manner.

These life-saving efforts made by the charity in Nepal are outstanding, not only do they rescue those directly impacted by the land slides, but they also work to re-build homes of those affected. We are glad that Avon Protection could make a small difference to the invaluable work they are doing.

Commenting on the donation, Prem B. Kunwar at Karma Flights said:
“We would like to offer huge thanks and gratitude to everyone in Avon for your contribution towards Karma Flights Foundation Nepal for providing nine units of thermal imaging cameras which would be very helpful for the humanitarian rescue and research project in Nepal. We are extremely grateful for your contribution and generosity.”

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