Avon Protection thermal imaging cameras included in national framework agreement


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Avon Protection has announced that its argus range of thermal imaging cameras has been included in the National Framework Agreement for the Supply and Delivery of Emergency Response Equipment, managed by the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority. This allows Fire and Rescue services across the UK to purchase the argus range of thermal imaging cameras through the Framework by following the call off procedures stipulated by the lead authority. The full range of argus thermal imagers listed in the agreement include the Mi-TIC E, Mi-TIC E L, Mi-TIC 320 and Mi-TIC S models, the largest, most diverse and lightweight range of NFPA 1801:2021 complaint thermal imaging cameras.  

The argus engineers developed the first ever handheld thermal imager for firefighting over 40 years ago. Having been developed for firefighting in the UK, the camera was adopted by UK Naval firefighting personnel. Its purpose was to allow users to navigate through smoke-filled compartments on naval vessels. The argus range of thermal imaging cameras maintains its strong connection to the UK Fire and Rescue teams, with design and manufacture continuing to take place in the UK to this day.  

Commenting on the announcement, Mark Ridsdale, European Sales Director, said, “We are very excited to continue building on to our 40-year legacy of manufacturing and supplying cutting edge thermal imaging cameras to the UK Fire and Rescue Services that allow firefighters to operate safely in the most demanding and dangerous of environments.” 

The combination of NFPA certification along with the IGNIS Engine maintains Avon Protection’s position as a world leading supplier of NFPA 1801 certified thermal imagers.

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