BAFSA releases Spring 2024 edition of BAFSA Focus in the UK

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Highlights from the Spring 2024 edition

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) has released the Spring 2024 edition of its publication, BAFSA Focus.

Chief Executive Ali Perry introduced the new edition.

Perry noted the publication includes insights from recent industry events, including the Building Safety Regulator’s second building safety conference.

In his introduction, Perry highlighted the critical role of competence as outlined in The Building Safety Act 2022.

He said: “Duty holders and organisations must demonstrate their competence and that of their supply chain.

“Competence is now a part of compliance and required by law.”

Insights from industry leaders

The latest edition of BAFSA Focus features contributions from key industry figures.

Jon Vanstone, Chair of the Industry Competence Committee, discussed the importance of proving and evidencing competence.

Vanstone emphasized the role of awarding bodies in this process.

Philip White, the Health and Safety Executive’s Director of Building Safety, contributed an article on the centrality of competence to the work of the Building Safety Regulator.

He stressed the importance of behaviours and ongoing competence in maintaining building safety standards.

BAFSA’s commitment to industry standards

Ali Perry outlined BAFSA’s ongoing efforts to engage with stakeholders and regulators to design sprinkler training courses that meet industry needs.

He stated: “We are working to ensure our courses receive the appropriate accreditation through ABBE and are recognised by third-party certification bodies.”

The publication reflects BAFSA’s commitment to maintaining standards in the sprinkler industry, a core principle since the association was founded 50 years ago.

Perry expressed confidence that this commitment would continue into the future.

Continuing the legacy

In the Spring 2024 edition of BAFSA Focus, Perry discusses BAFSA’s legacy of maintaining high standards and its future direction.

He stated: “We are continually working to understand how we can support our members and help the industry address competence challenges.

“In many ways, we are leading the way in this respect.”

Perry concluded by reaffirming BAFSA’s dedication to upholding industry standards and addressing the evolving challenges of the sprinkler industry.

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