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BLITZTAC: Safety comes standard


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Task Force Tips (TFT) new BLITZTAC portable monitor brings best in class performance to the global fire service once again.  From the innovators of the ground-breaking, and still unmatched BLITZFIRE monitor, comes a new lightweight and compact portable monitor that has a standard of safety and is definitely not lacking in tactical ability neither.

Coming in at under 15 lbs (7 kg) it allows for quick advancement with only one firefighter and one hoseline.  Aside from the ability for advancing quickly for the attack the size and weight, enable easier storage on any given apparatus.  Pre-connected to a hoseline, mounted to the back of the apparatus or kept in a compartment, this compact monitor can be stored anywhere and can always be ready at a moment’s notice.


Safety comes standard with the BLITZTAC.  The safety gating inlet engages if unintentional movement would ever occur, and once it is engaged, it restricts the flow area about 60 -70%.  This restriction adds safety for crewmembers, keeps the delivery of the water to the fire, eliminates water hammer, and gives the firefighter the ability to shut the monitor down, realign the safety-gating inlet, and continue to deliver full flow to the intended target. 

Tactical ability remains as a strong asset with the BLITZTAC.  TFT innovated the un-assisted low 10 degree attack angle and the BLITZTAC offers a different but similar advantage.  The low 10 degree attack angle of the BLITZTAC is assisted and can be held down to 10 degrees for an offensive or defensive fire attack. 

With the Safety, Tactical Ability, and its inherently compact and lightweight design, fire crews are taking a closer look at this portable monitor that allows for active offensive or defensive firefighting capabilities.  Take a closer look at

2-ISJ- BLITZTAC: Safety comes standard
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