BOROS: A new line of fire fighting boots from Rosenbauer


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With the BOROS B1 (BOots ROSenbauer) pull-on boot and the BOROS B4 with quick release fastener system, Rosenbauer is presenting its first two products of a new line of fire fighting boots.

The new lineup is a completely new design, for which Rosenbauer worked not only with shoe technicians, designers, ergonomists, and sole specialists, but also with emergency response organizations, whose feedback from extensive wearing tests played a major role in the design of the products.

What sets the BOROS line apart is its high quality and top-notch workmanship. The boots offer maximum protection in all operational situations, perfect wearing comfort thanks to a dynamic cut and ergonomic design, as well as perfect fit due to the boots’ adaptability to many different foot shapes. But that’s not all: The BOROS line also looks great thanks to the sporty design.

Maximum protection and grip
BOROS fire fighting boots comply with the highest protection levels of the standard for fire fighting boots, EN 15090:2012 (F2A, HI3, CI, AN, SRC). The outer material consists exclusively of premium bull leather, while the workmanship with double and triple seams ensures maximum safety and a long service life.

Credit: Rosenbauer

The leather is sourced from environmentally friendly, socially responsible production, and the manufacturing of the boots (assembly and stitching) is carried out under the strictest quality standards in Europe. 

The sole of the new boots was developed in cooperation with Michelin specifically for the requirements of fire services. It is made from a high-quality rubber mix and offers a unique pattern.

The sole absorbs all forces exerted onto the boot from all directions while at the same time guaranteeing maximum slip protection on wet surfaces, snow, and ice. The multi-layer sole design with intermediate air pockets ensures excellent cold and heat insulation.

A steel insert inside the sole offers maximum penetration protection, while the toes are protected by an impact-proof safety steel cap. The exterior heel and toe areas are also fitted with high-quality TPU protectors that offer additional protection against blows and impacts, in addition to protecting the leather against wear.

The ankle protection is tested according to the guidelines for safety shoes EN 20345:2012, and is padded with a special foam that adapts particularly well to the shape of the ankle and cushions incrementally when compressed (memory foam). 

Excellent wearing comfort
Water-repellent leather on the outside and a four-layer, highly flexible SympaTex® membrane on the inside make BOROS fire fighting boots water and virus proof. The high-tech materials of the fabric also ensure optimal climate regulation, as they absorb moisture in the interior and release it to the outside over a large area.

Warmth and moisture can escape via the shaft cuff, which is made of breathable mesh materials. The suspended finish of the membrane creates a pumping effect and increases the transport of air to the shaft when walking.

The new BOROS B4 is equipped with a specially developed 360┬░ flex zone that separates the lower part of the boot from the shaft and offers excellent freedom of movement. The toe area provides additional space as the safety steel cap is higher in all models.

Optimal fit
The insoles have been completely redesigned for the BOROS line and – together with a modern and dynamic cut – ensure an excellent fit. Each model is available in 17 sizes (36 to 52), with width adjustment via the insoles (10 or 12). The insoles are designed to support and stabilize the foot and have a shock-absorbing element built into the heel area that absorbs and cushions shocks. They are also moisture-absorbent and washable.

New quick release fastener
When it comes to the speed with which the boots can be put on and their adaptability to individual foot shapes, the BOROS B4 is unrivaled. It has a completely newly developed quick release fastener system with a 2-zone lacing and lateral adjustment hooks, whereby the forefoot (lower zone) and shaft (upper zone) can be tensioned individually.

Once set, dressing and undressing in the field is particularly quick and convenient: slip in, pull up the strap until it is locked, and you are ready to go. To slip out, the buckle is simply moved forward and the boot opens. Putting on and taking off the boots is made easier by the extreme mobility of the 360┬░ flex zone, supported by robust loops on the upper and an slip-off aid integrated into the rear part of the sole. That is the case not only for the BOROS B4, but all Rosenbauer protective fire fighting boots.

The boots of the new BOROS line were developed especially for emergency response organizations. They combine high-tech materials, innovative technology, and modern design and offer everything that matters at the decisive moment in firefighting and rescue operations: maximum protection, optimal comfort, and functional design. 

The BOROS B1 and B4 models can be ordered immediately. Deliveries will start at the end of April 2021.
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