Bosch Remote Fire Safety app now available on iOS and Android

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Businesses and building owners can now check on the fire safety status of their properties remotely with the Bosch Remote Fire Safety app, running on the new ‘Remote Interact’ feature of the Bosch Remote Services portfolio for Bosch fire alarm systems. The application provides peace of mind to end users and system integrators alike who can easily monitor the condition of their fire alarm systems from a distance. The app also sends push notifications in the case of emergency events – all available from any iOS or Android personal device.

The application is the latest addition to the Bosch Remote Services portfolio making it even more powerful. Bosch Remote Services simplifies service and trouble-shooting tasks for system integrators. The solution can reduce the physical on-site time for maintenance and service jobs improving efficiency and profitability.

Additionally, even if the user is not on-site Remote Services provides better safety management for both systems integrators and their customers; alerting them immediately of potential issues as they occur and allowing system integrators for remote configuration and troubleshooting. Given that usually two out of three service calls can be resolved remotely, Remote Services supports system integrators in providing faster and more transparent service anywhere and at any time.

New service ‘Remote Interact’ included

‘Remote Interact’ with its app Remote Fire Safety complements the other three existing services of the Bosch Remote Services portfolio: ‘Remote Connect’, which allows a remote connection to Bosch fire systems in the first instance; ‘Remote Maintenance’, which provides live fire systems data; and ‘Remote Alert’, which helps customers stay informed about events as they happen by email or SMS. Together, the products help to improve services, simplify troubleshooting, and make overall maintenance for Bosch fire alarm systems more efficient.

Available on iOS and Android, the new Remote Fire Safety app displays clear information about the status of a property’s fire alarm system at the touch of a button, and provides easy access to users who can log in quickly via the application rather than signing into the wider Remote Services portal. Having a direct access to the fire alarm system via the app also improves the dialogue between system integrators and their end-customers, helping to build trust.

The application is offered free of charge to existing Remote Services license holders and is available on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. 

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