Bosch updates fire safety system at Hospital Centro Medio Campinas


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Bosch has successfully completed the installation of networked fire alarm control panels and detection devices to provide optimised safety coverage for Hospital Centro Medio Campinas in Brazil.

Thanks to smarter new fire panels and retrofitting of existing fire prevention equipment, the medical complex is now much safer, featuring a comprehensive, networked and fully compatible fire control system which monitors for every sign of fire across the entire hospital complex.

Hospital Centro Médico Campinas is located in Campinas in the state of São Paulo, 100km from São Paulo, Brazil. As the building ages and requires updates, the fire protection provisions were reviewed to ensure efficient, fast responses to fire outbreaks.

Eduardo Riguetti, responsible for fire safety at the hospital complex, got in touch with Bosch project expert in Campinas, Renato Lima to find a feasible solution. The main objective was to review and redevelop the entire complex fire alarm setup at the hospital to provide safety and reassurance for all personnel on site, including staff and patients.

The major challenge for the project team to overcome was the integration and consolidation of all data and configurations of the 11 separate fire control panels into one single panel.

The fire control network features one Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series, which consolidates the details of all other detection devices, improved user operation and maintenance, making system updates and incident reaction times faster and optimising fire safety across the entire hospital.

Five loop modules were integrated to cover all areas of Hospital Centro Médico Campinas, ensuring reliability with detection. The loops include sensitive environments such as ICU, operating theater, patient wards and the hospital laboratory. Smart connectivity of the new network allows maintenance to be conducted by technicians with minimal disturbance in these areas.

Three remote keypads connected via ethernet to the fire control panel were configured for the hospital’s three desked areas which are all manned 24/7, namely the main entrance reception, the on-site fire department and the operation and control centre. This interconnectivity and remote technology decentralize control of the entire fire alarm network and make it fully addressable.

The fire department can now quickly identify the exact location of a fire outbreak or another emergency incident. Lima explained: “This system is integrated with gas detection, sprinklers, and access control, so in the case of an event occurring, all doors and gates would be unlocked, and now with only one fire control panel in place, evacuation times are much faster and safer.”

Thanks to close collaboration between the Bosch experts, the Brazcamp Tecnologia installers in Campinas, and end customers at the hospital, the project planning and product installation all ran smoothly.

Eduardo Riguetti said, “Excellent specification and design work was carried out by the integrator and the Bosch engineering team.”

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