Brazilian fire service welcomes Magirus FireBull to its fleet

2022-07-04 Magirus PR_Handover FireBull Ceara_Pic 06

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The Brazilian state of Ceará has received its first FireBull from Magirus. A delegation with high-ranking representatives of the Governor, the fire brigades and partners were guests at the Magirus Experience Center in Ulm for the technical acceptance and handover of the world’s first tracked fire engine as well as a MultiStar combination vehicle and several portable fire pumps.

The FireBull tracked fire engine from Magirus combines the AirCore extinguishing technology, flexible set-up options and the extremely all-terrain PowerBully chassis from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG to form a globally unique, versatile special fire-fighting vehicle. The AirCore water mist technology enables efficient fire-fighting with high penetration depths and throwing distances of up to 80 metres, but also an excellent cooling effect with minimal water consumption.

The FireBull can transport high volumes of extinguishing agent (9,000 litres of water, 2,000 litres of foam) with a minimum ground pressure of 0.300 kilograms per square centimetre at a permissible total weight of 30 tonnes, an central advantage in impassable and difficult-to-access terrain.

In the future, the FireBull will be used in the region around Porto do Pecém. In addition to being called out for use in vegetation fires or operations in the nearby reserve and protected area, the region has a large port, beaches and numerous large industrial operations ranging from recycling plants to steel production, some of which have difficult-to-access terrain.

Carlos Décimo de Souza from the Secretariat for Research, Technology and Education of the Governor of Ceará expressed his thanks for the very good, trusting and cooperative partnership: “We are thrilled to be able to take delivery of these state-of-the-art Magirus vehicles here in Ulm.

“With the consistent renewal and constant expansion with innovative, unique deployment technology such as extinguishing robots and powerful special vehicles such as the Magirus FireBull, we want to ensure that our emergency forces can make a sustainable contribution to the protection of people, material and companies in our region and are themselves always protected in the best possible way.”

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