Briton marks 25 years of accurate installation with updated Accufit template

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Briton launches enhanced Accufit template for accurate installation

Briton, a specialist in door controls and exit hardware, has introduced an enhanced version of its popular self-adhesive Accufit template.

The newly updated template aims to aid in the easy and accurate installation of Briton’s trusted door closers.

For 25 years, Briton’s Accufit system has allowed installers to fit door closers quickly and accurately on the first attempt.

The self-adhesive templates are designed to be stuck to the door and frame, allowing all fixing points to be pre-drilled accurately, ensuring correct positioning in all applications.

New features of the Accufit template

The updated Accufit templates now include the fixing dimensions of the door closer and user-friendly images of the fixing application.

This additional illustrative guidance helps installers position the template accurately.

Fixing instructions have also been simplified, with the edge, face, and inside edge frame of the door clearly marked.

This enhancement aims to reduce installation time, improve fitting accuracy, and enhance the product’s longevity.

Briton’s goals for the updated templates

Briton aims to save installers time and eliminate uncertainties in door closer installation with the new Accufit templates.

This update helps ensure the closers function effectively and maintain fire safety integrity.

Pete Hancox, country manager at Allegion UK, said: “An appropriately specified, installed, and maintained door closer is a prerequisite when it comes to fire door safety.

Briton Accufit templates are designed to facilitate correct installation, and for 25 years they have been a proven support tool for installers.”

Availability and further information

The updated Accufit templates are now available with Briton 2003 and 2003V door closers.

The launch will expand across the Briton door closer range in the coming months.

Briton provides complete product information, certification, and fitting instructions on their website, where the updated Accufit templates are also available.

For more information about Briton, visit:

To find out more about Allegion UK, visit:

IFSJ comment

Briton’s introduction of the enhanced Accufit template reflects the company’s commitment to improving installation efficiency and accuracy.

By simplifying the process and providing clear, user-friendly instructions, Briton aims to address common installation issues that can compromise door closer functionality and fire safety.

The inclusion of detailed fixing dimensions and illustrative guidance marks a significant step towards ensuring that door closers are correctly installed, aligning with the renewed focus on competency in the industry.

The updated templates are expected to support installers in meeting evolving fire safety standards.

As Briton celebrates 25 years of the Accufit system, the enhancements demonstrate the company’s dedication to supporting installers and enhancing product performance.

The availability of the updated templates online further underscores Briton’s commitment to accessibility and comprehensive support for their products.

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