Bronto Skylift to deliver aerial platform for Hamburg fire brigade

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Bronto Skylift and the ministry of Home Affairs in the city of Hamburg have signed an agreement for the delivery of a 70-metre F70RPX aerial rescue platform for the Hamburg fire brigade.

The F70RPX combines the ability to reach up to the high-rise buildings in the Hamburg skyline with the versatility of reaching up-and-over the obstacles, such as roofs and parapet walls. Its rescue cage allows space and capacity for the fire crews, paramedics and the needed gear in various firefighting scenarios.

Hamburg’s new F70RPX will have a maximum working height of 70 metres, maximum outreach of 32.8 metres, up-and-over capacity of 10.5 metres and maximum cage load of 500kg.

The unit is equipped with a 3800 lpm water monitor and, in addition to other options, a stretcher carrier in the rescue cage, a camera system near each outrigger with cabin display to see jacking width and an intelligent rescue lifting system at the end of the main boom. The maximum load and boom positioning when using the intelligent lifting eye is controlled by the Bronto+ control system at all times for maximum safety.

The aerial will be mounted on a Scania P500 B10X4*6NA chassis, giving it a total length of 12,5 metres and weight of around 36 (metric) tons. The unit is expected to be delivered in the autumn of 2023.

A group of firefighters from the Hamburg fire brigade will be trained to safely operate the unit in a training program conducted by a Bronto Skylift’s instructor upon the delivery of the unit. The new F70RPX aerial platform will enable the firefighters to perform in challenging, high-rise rescue and firefighting operations where aerial versatility is key.

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