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Building Safety Regulator initiates high-rise registration process

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The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has announced that the registration process for high-rise buildings is well underway, with nearly 750 applications already opened since its commencement last month.

The new regulatory regime necessitates all high-rise residential buildings to be registered with the BSR, as mandated by law. Those responsible for buildings have until the end of September to register their properties, or risk facing prosecution.

Although the BSR acknowledges the positive early response from the building industry, it continues to encourage all property owners and managers to act promptly. Up to 12,500 buildings in England fall under the purview of the BSR, an independent entity established in response to the Grenfell Fire tragedy and officially launched earlier this year.

The inception of the BSR, facilitated by the Building Safety Act 2022 and operating under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), marks a significant shift in building safety regulations, the most impactful for a generation.

Strongly encouraged

Philip White, HSE’s Director of Building Safety, commented:

“We’re pleased with the early response from industry but I urge owners and managers to act now and register their buildings if they haven’t already done so. This is a legal requirement they will have to meet by the end of September. Registration is a crucial part of the new regime and our efforts to ensure residents of high-rise buildings feel protected and safe in their homes.”

Buildings required to register with the BSR include high-rise residential structures that are at least 18 metres in height or have seven or more floors containing a minimum of two residential units.

Comprehensive information regarding the registration process and required details can be found on the BSR’s website. Building owners or managers are expected to provide data such as the number of floors at or above ground level, height in metres, the number of residential units, and the year of construction.

The BSR has also published guidance on the key building information (KBI) that will be required under the new building safety laws. This KBI registration element will be incorporated into the high-rise building (HRB) online registration portal later this summer, providing ample time for building owners and managers to submit their KBI by the September deadline.

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