Bull Products makes carbon zero commitment by 2030


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Bull Products is leaping ahead to decarbonise its offerings by developing products and services that help to reduce the carbon impact of its customers’ activities.

The company has committed itself to becoming zero carbon by 2030 and has developed a seven-strand sustainability strategy to achieve this goal. Three of the strands directly reduce their customer’s impact on the environment.

Historically, many fire safety products are scrapped when a site or project reaches completion. This waste disposal strategy is detrimental to the environment.

Bull’s asset management solution will collect fire safety products from a project and securely store them at a regional centre. The products are then cleaned, serviced and certified, ready for delivery to a new site.

Bull also extends the life of products as part of its asset management programme. Take fire extinguishers as an example – extinguishers are reused until they are at the end of their life cycle. At this point, they are remanufactured by stripping them down and completely refurbishing them to be as good as new. This massively reduces carbon emissions when compared with manufacturing new products.

Ross Markham, managing director, Bull Products said: “Over time, we will reduce the energy we consume and secure energy supplies from sustainable sources. We are changing the way we work. We are focusing our business development on greener and more sustainable products and services. I am proud that Bull is leading the way in the fire safety industry by driving sustainability initiatives to create a zero-carbon future.”

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