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ProTac HL 6_

ProTac HL 6 tactical light now available from Streamlight

New tactical light launched by Streamlight Streamlight Inc. has launched the ProTac HL 6, the latest and brightest member of ...
firefighting foam

Types of Firefighting Foam Classes & Applications

When it comes to battling fires, especially those fueled by flammable liquids, firefighting foam emerges as a crucial tool.  Understanding ...
fire extinguisher types

5 Fire Extinguisher Types Explained

Fire extinguishers are essential safety devices designed to help control or extinguish small fires.  However, not all fires are the ...

New firefighting technology: Rosenbauer releases new RTE FX 750 hollow jet nozzle for high flow rates

Introduction of RTE FX 750 nozzle completes high-end series Rosenbauer has introduced the RTE FX 750, a new hollow jet ...
Holmatro Omnishore

Discover Holmatro's innovative shoring solution OmniShore

Holmatro’s award-winning OmniShore shoring system Holmatro has introduced the OmniShore shoring system, designed to address the challenges faced by emergency ...
Ziamatic Hard Sleeve Gantry

Boosting firefighter efficiency with Ziamatic

Ziamatic’s new double hard sleeve gantry provides a safer and more efficient method for retrieving hard sleeves from fire trucks ...
emergency equipment

The rescue revolution: Inside the emergency equipment market

IFSJ looks at the global fire and rescue services emergency equipment market Emergency equipment for fire and rescue services plays ...
aqueous film forming foam

Aqueous Film Forming Foam - The Complete Facts

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) stands as a frontline defence against flammable liquid fires, renowned for its rapid extinguishing capabilities.  ...
why are firetrucks red

Why are Firetrucks Red?

Firetrucks, with their distinctive red hue, stand out as symbols of rapid response to emergencies, commanding attention on roads and ...
thermal imaging camera image

Tracing toxic trails with Thermal Imaging Cameras

Gavin Parker, Senior Station Officer with Fire Rescue Victoria, discusses Identifying hazmat spills, leaks and reactions using the Thermal Imaging ...
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