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how long do fire extinguishers last

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Fire extinguishers are crucial tools for swiftly combating small fires, but do they last forever?  Understanding their lifespan and exactly ...
warehouse fires

7 Common Causes of Warehouse Fires

Warehouses play a crucial role in supply chain management, but they are not immune to the threat of fires.  Warehouse ...
What is a coshh assessment

What is a COSHH Assessment & Who Needs Them?

Workplace safety is of the utmost importance and understanding and implementing proper risk assessments is paramount.  One such essential assessment ...
4 smoke detector types explained

4 Smoke Detector Types Explained

In home safety, smoke detectors are always ready to alert us to potential dangers.  However, not all smoke detectors are ...
A red fire door with text saying 'Where are fire doors required'

Where are Fire Doors Required & Why Are They Needed?

One of the most common questions with regards to fire safety is where are fire doors required? Fire safety is ...
How many types of fire are there

How Many Types of Fire Are There?

Fire, as a natural phenomenon, has been intertwined with human history for millennia.  It has served as a steadfast companion, ...

Research into sustainable and fire-resistant buildings assessment gains funding

The SFPE Foundation, a charitable organisation focused on enhancing the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural ...
Ges 2021

Evac+Chair gives the Last Word on the Fire Safety Act

Gerard Wallace, Managing Director at Evac+Chair International tells us why the Fire Safety Act was a missed opportunity What is ...

Fourth edition of the Simultaneous Evacuation Guidance published

A new edition of the industry guide The Simultaneous Evacuation Guidance (SEG) has been published. The fourth of edition of the guide ...

What does the Building Safety Act mean for you?

Phil Bryant, Amthal Head of Strategic Accounts, explores the changes in fire safety, and new requirements for positive compliance across ...
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