CLM Fire Testing partners with FPA for UKAS accredited fire testing laboratory

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CLM Fire Testing and FPA collaboration for new lab

CLM Fire Testing, part of CLM Group, has announced a partnership with the Fire Protection Association (FPA) to establish a new UKAS accredited fire testing laboratory.

As reported by CLM Fire Testing, this collaboration aims to enhance fire safety standards and foster innovation within the fire protection industry.

The partnership will provide clients and the supply chain with premier access to essential fire testing services.

The new facility promises equitable pricing, superior service availability, and complete independence and impartiality, ensuring rigorous testing standards.

CEO remarks on the new facility

Tom Gilbert, CEO of CLM Group, stated: “CLM’s commitment to improving the built environment is unwavering.

“Our significant investment in much-needed testing capacity in the UK will enable our clients to access our UKAS accredited laboratory, conveniently and without excessive lead times.”

He emphasised the importance of impartiality and the seamless approach to accessing high-quality testing, facilitated by the partnership with the FPA.

Gilbert highlighted the importance of this new facility for Tier 1 contractors involved in large and complex projects, ensuring a high level of assurance and conflict-free testing.

FPA’s perspective on the partnership

Dr Gavin Dunn, Managing Director of the FPA, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration: “I’m thrilled to be moving forward with this collaboration which expands our fire resistance testing services into a new market segment and complements our existing partnership with UL Solutions.”

Dunn underscored the importance of this step in building a trusted industry ecosystem, ensuring safe buildings through scientific proof and impartial testing of construction details and systems.

He also highlighted the investment in two furnaces at the FPA’s laboratory, which will support new clients in ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Technical capabilities of the new lab

The new facility will feature large-scale and smaller-scale vertical furnaces capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

These furnaces can test a range of fire resistance standards for various product types, including building construction components, fire door sets, walls and partitions, glazing, linear joint seals, and penetration seals.

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