ClorDiSys offers grant for vehicle disinfection equipment


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In efforts to provide necessary health and safety equipment to first responders, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc, headquartered in Branchburg, NJ, partnered with EMSGrantsHelp to expand its grant funding assistance program to include ClorDiSys’ ultraviolet light disinfection equipment.

Through this program, ClorDiSys can aid EMS, Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Local Government receive free assistance from industry professionals. The amount of grant dollars available has remained strong across the country, however navigating through the grant application process can be challenging.

Departments often fail to be awarded a grant due to inexperience in this area. ClorDiSys is dedicated to helping organizations receive assistance for the time-consuming work involved in creating a compelling application to secure funding for disinfection equipment and keep themselves and their patients safe.

Through ClorDiSys’ sponsorship program, first responders can obtain customized grant help for grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews from EMSGrantHelp. The item of highlight is ClorDiSys’ Lantern. It is a UV-C disinfection unit designed specifically for ambulances after the firm’s involvement with providing UV-C devices for University of Nebraska Medical Center during the 2014 Ebola crisis. 

The Lantern serves first responders well as a lightweight, durable unit that is easily portable from rig to rig and can be used both in the upright or inverted positions to maximize light exposure. The device is calculated to get a 99% reduction of bacteria and viruses within 1 minute and spores, like C. diff, within 3 minutes for a vehicle setting. The UV-C bulbs are also validated to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

First responders provide critical services, so it is essential for their environment to be as safe as possible and pathogen free. This allows patients to be treated in a safe environment and to help maintain the health and well-being of those on the front lines. Since financial challenges are spread throughout the entire nation, ClorDiSys hopes this grant assistance program will help alleviate that area of concern. 

Established in 2001, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc is a New Jersey based business that manufactures sterilization and disinfection equipment and provides decontamination services. Its ultraviolet light disinfection line of products was initiated in 2014 and devices have been used across all industries to prevent or eliminate the spread of pathogens. 

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