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Collaborative compliance

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An exploration of the innovative strategies and future vision of Drax Technology in the realm of fire safety and compliance by improving fire safety productivity with data

Navigating through the intricate landscape of fire safety and compliance management, Drax Technology has established itself as a market leader over the past 25 years.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, this esteemed company has been at the forefront in developing advanced fire alarm monitoring solutions and compliance technologies, with solutions that offer a complete oversight of critical fire safety systems and an exhaustive audit trail to ensure unwavering compliance across various sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, and leisure.

To gain deeper insights into this technological evolution, IFSJ spoke with Alex Cother, a Consultant for Drax Technology, who shed light on how the company’s innovative fire alarm, compliance and safety management technology platforms is allowing organisations to stay in control of their detection systems across their entire building portfolio.

At the core of his work with Drax Technology has been AMX, a product designed for any buildings, adept at gathering information and centralising it.

Cother’s expertise in these systems has been a cornerstone of the company’s success.

Reflecting on his role, he notes: “The principles that we’re using currently are very much the same.”

As part of a sale process last year, Cother transitioned to a consultancy role with Drax Technology following its acquisition by Obsequio Group.

His focus now lies in guiding the company through the adoption of new technology, enhancing productivity, and elevating service to customers.

A crucial aspect of this consultancy revolves around compliance, especially in the post-Grenfell era, where the stakes in fire safety have risen dramatically.

He emphasises the “importance of safeguarding Responsible Persons from going to prison,” highlighting the increased scrutiny and expectations in fire safety post-Grenfell.

Developing relationships

One of the primary challenges faced by Drax Technology has been forging and maintaining relationships with fire panel manufacturers.

This aspect of their business is crucial, as it directly impacts their ability to access and integrate various fire safety systems.

Over the years, this has been a complex terrain to navigate.

However, Cother notes that there has been a notable shift in the last 10 years.

The initial struggle was rooted in detection technology manufacturers’ tendencies to closely guard their protocols, which inadvertently limited the sales potential of their products.

Since recognising this, many manufacturers have now adopted a more collaborative approach.

Over the years the company has established strong relationships with the majority of manufacturers, gaining access to crucial protocols.

“It gives us the capability of being able to take information from different manufacturers and do something to really improve the operational maintenance of the building,” Cother adds.

This access allows Drax Technology to give users greater control, from isolating alarms for testing to pin-pointing exact locations of a critical fire event from one centralised platform.

Information utilisation

The ability to interface with these systems is only the first step.

Drax Technology goes further by leveraging the information provided by these systems to improve management reviews and operational efficiency.

“Because we’re tracking the entire fire event history across an entire building portfolio we’re able to surface insights to asset owners allowing them to make informed decisions and improve their productivity“ explains Cother.

In essence, Drax Technology ensures that fire detection systems fulfil their primary role while also offering enhanced management and r eview capabilities.

Through overcoming these challenges and building productive relationships with manufacturers, Drax Technology has solidified its position as a leader in fire safety and compliance management, continually striving to offer innovative and effective solutions in a complex industry.

Incorporating IoT

The future vision of Drax Technology is closely intertwined with the evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Traditionally, fire detection has operated in a somewhat insular manner, but with the advent of IoT, this is rapidly changing.

“Fire detection seems to have been very much isolated in its approach,” notes Cother.

However, there is a growing recognition that a fire detection device is essentially another sensor within the larger ecosystem of building management.

A unified compliance framework

Looking ahead, Cother sees the continued expansion of IoT technologies as pivotal in their sector.

He envisions a future where the boundaries between fire safety, NEW TECHNOLOGY security, and other compliance systems become less distinct, leading to a more cohesive set of compliance tools.

This integration, he believes, will not only streamline operations but also provide a clearer, more accessible view of overall building performance and compliance for non-technical users.


As Drax Technology looks to the future, its focus on integrating IoT technologies into their compliance solutions reflects a forward[1]thinking approach.

By broadening its scope beyond traditional fire safety measures and delving into a more holistic view of building management and compliance, Drax Technology is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of safety and compliance in the built environment.

Cother underlines: “The vision is for a more interconnected and user-friendly suite of compliance tools signalling a new era in building management, where safety, efficiency, and compliance are seamlessly integrated for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

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