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Comelit designs fire detection for Art Hub Studios


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Comelit’s fire alarm and detection systems, including beam detectors, have been installed by Ozzas Security Systems at Art Hub Studios CIC, a non-profit, artist run community interest company.

The inclusive, affordable artists’ studios, based in South East London supports over 235 creatives.  It offers 24/7 access, free use of facilities and a community gallery as an affordable platform for exhibiting studio members alongside local artists and students.

Welcoming a high volume of members, clients and visitors to the studios, including those attending dedicated art courses, fire safety and security is an integral component of the building maintenance.  

Ozzas Security was called to the site following a risk assessment on the fire alarm and detection system.  With recommendations made for a new system, Comelit’s Atena Easy single loop system was fitted with point detection and beam detectors to offer simple and quick installation, without impacting on site aesthetics.

art hub studios

Says a representative of Art Hub Studios: “We’ve been running art hub studios in East London for over 20 years, with an aim to raise the profile of such talented artists across our region.  We welcome clients and visitors to view our members’ works alongside local artists, students and community groups.

“With so many people present at any one time, we need to ensure their safety and security, and we have regular checks and assessments planned.  When issues were raised with our fire alarm and detection systems, we instantly contacted Ozzas as our local fire specialist, who fitted the Atena system quickly and efficiently and it is end-user friendly, which is a welcome bonus.”

Comelit’s Atena Easy single loop solution is a compact, entry level fully addressable system.  The system can accommodate up to 500 devices over 2 loops, making it ideal for small to medium applications, with a fully functional networked opportunity to expand with a facility or building requirement.


Ozzas Security also installed eight beam detectors at the studios, equipped with an integral laser and set of passive reflectors to allow for simple auto-alignment made the install much simpler.

Rytis Ozolas of Ozzas Security added: “Any artist studio is a specialist consideration when it comes to fire safety, especially with the use of different materials and substances in every day works by the artists on site.  The Art Hub Studios demonstrates good practice in having regular fire alarm system risk assessments and maintenance checks, calling on specialists to update equipment if issues raised.  Comelit Atena Easy is simple and quick to install, with beam detectors aiding alignment for the large open areas.

Mandy Bowden, Comelit Fire BDM, concluded: “What is demonstrated with fire safety at Art Hub Studios is the significance of regular fire safety checks and the ability with approved installers and Comelit Atena systems to react quickly when required.  The beam detectors are definitely an added advantage, and as demonstrated by Art Hub Studios, are suitable in buildings where point detection is not suitable for use due to the height of the building. It all amounts to a seamless customer experience from risk identification to project completion.”

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