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CTIF website now available in Spanish

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The International Association of Fire and Rescue Service (CTIF) has added Spanish translations to

The Association added French and German translations to the website in May of 2022 to serve the members speaking one of the three official languages of CTIF.

English is CTIF’s working language, and most of the articles are written with English as a source language. However, members of CTIF said it encourages members to submit papers, articles and reports in any of the official languages. 

Bj√∂rn Ulfsson, Communications Manager for said: “We are now proud to also add Spanish to our list of automated translations. Please note that for Spanish, we have only translated a part of our archive.

“All content has been translated dating back to about mid 2022, then we have translated select popular and relevant articles. If you discover an article in English which you would like to see translated into Spanish, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Ulfsson added that the Association aims to add more languages in the future: “The purpose is to reach more first responders who may not be as comfortable reading in English as in their own language – and of course we also welcome the opportunity for more potential members to discover the benefits of joining CTIF.”

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