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Cutting-Edge Firefighter Safety Innovations from MSA: LUNAR and the GALLET F2XR


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MSA Safety has always been a pioneer in modern safety equipment and technology. This year, the company launched two new products; LUNAR a breakthrough technology for firefighter safety, and GALLET F2XR multi-applications helmets for first responders. Yohan Morel, Customer Marketing Director for MSA’s International business segment reviews these novelties for the enhanced safety of fire and rescue services these days involved in increasingly complex and unpredictable fire and rescue operations.

LUNAR is a small and wireless multi-purpose search and rescue device created to provide additional levels of protection for firefighters. Versatile in design, LUNAR uses Cloud technology to deliver breakthrough fire-scene management capabilities for incident commanders and can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of an MSA SCBA system.  Key features include:

  • Exclusive Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.), which combines distance and direction data enabling firefighters to locate separated teammates faster;
  • Personal thermal imaging enhanced with edge detection for improved situational awareness;
  • Direct cellular cloud connectivity to send real-time stats, including estimated air pressure, time remaining, and battery life, to Incident Command and remote monitoring personnel for a complete safety point-of-view; and
  • A unique LUNAR-to-LUNAR network that automatically keeps each device connected to all others on-scene.

LUNAR is designed for every firefighter on-scene, both those on air and off, and represents the latest addition to a suite – or ecosystem – of MSA products the company has branded as “Connected Firefighter.”  When used together, MSA’s suite of Connected Firefighter products create greater visibility, increase efficiency, promote situational awareness, and enable accountability, all while creating an enhanced network of safety.

1-ISJ- Cutting-Edge Firefighter Safety Innovations from MSA: LUNAR and the GALLET F2XR

Setting the new standard for head protection across multiple applications, the GALLET F2XR is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the fire and rescue services across the globe who are tackling the challenges of climate change. Modular and lightweight, it’s the first helmet of its kind and is suitable for a diverse range of operations, including wildland firefighting, technical rescue, road traffic collisions, rescue at height, and water rescue operations.

The GALLET F2XR is equipped with several innovative features, including integrated LED lamps – both a dual-beam headlamp providing spot lighting and a tail light to help quickly identify teams on an incident scene; an ocular visor with adjustable face-fit; a variety of textile options to protect the neck; and hearing protection. To ensure optimal airflow and keep wearers cool in hot weather, the helmet also incorporates dual ventilation on the side and at the top of the helmet. The high-quality soft goods can be easily removed from the GALLET F2XR helmet for easy and proper cleaning.

Interchangeable components allow for individual integration to use all the necessary accessories required in the most demanding operations. The adjustability of the accessory range is offered for both right and left-handed wearers, even with gloves on. Besides, the GALLET F2XR offers a well-fitted goggle attachment and adjustment to the face as well as an accessory attachment with a click-in face shield and modular waterproof ear protection covers making the GALLET F2XR helmet perfect for any technical rescue operation which also includes water rescue on small and fast crafts. 

MSA will showcase these and other cutting-edge safety products during the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham. You will also discover the M1 Breathing Apparatus solutions and the MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing offering driven by the brand new EOS range. To learn more visit

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