Cygnus introduces Mesh Analyser for enhanced fire detection system management

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Cygnus launches diagnostic tool to aid fire detection and alarm systems

As reported by Cygnus, the company has launched a new diagnostic tool designed to improve the commissioning and maintenance processes of their fire detection and alarm systems.

The Cygnus Mesh Analyser software provides a graphical display of mesh signal strengths and connection paths for each device in a SmartNet fire detection and alarm system network.

The software, available for free download from Cygnus’ customer support portal, offers a comprehensive overview of the network, enhancing the efficiency of installation and maintenance.

Features and capabilities of the Cygnus Mesh Analyser

The Cygnus Mesh Analyser software displays the structure and strength of the mesh network and suggests actions to enhance system performance.

It also shows the history of device connections within the network, providing installers and end-users with a robust and stable network.

Stephen Marsh, Head of Sales at Cygnus, said: “The Cygnus Mesh Analyser is an exciting launch for us.

“This technology is crucial to instil confidence for end users and equipping our installer partners with comprehensive network information at their fingertips.”

The software is compatible with both new and existing SmartNet-100 and SmartNet-Pro systems, providing an audit trail of all network events and showing primary and secondary paths to ensure dual path redundancy.

Benefits for installers and end-users

Installers can download PDF reports from the software, outlining the health of the network and suggesting improvements.

Marsh added: “The technology in our SmartNet range is incredibly advanced, yet the product remains simple and user-friendly.

“It’s 100% wireless and requires no translator, making it a game changer for the industry.”

The SmartNet system, featuring patented self-forming and self-healing mesh technology, offers a reliable and adaptable solution that is significantly faster to install than wired systems.

The SmartNet-Pro system can support up to 2555 devices across five panels, while the SmartNet-100 system can manage up to 100 devices from a single control panel.

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