Cygnus SmartNet-Pro wireless fire detection system installed at Heysham Power Station

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SmartNet-Pro deployed at Heysham Power Station

Cygnus has installed its 100% wireless and EN 54 certified SmartNet-Pro fire detection and alarm system at the Contractor’s Village at Heysham Power Station 1 in Lancashire.

This installation provides reliable fire protection equipment in a challenging industrial setting, as reported by Cygnus.

Marlowe Fire & Security, based in Manchester, partnered with Equans for this project.

The decision to use Cygnus’ SmartNet-Pro solution was influenced by Marlowe’s positive experience on previous projects with the Cygnus team.

Overcoming installation challenges

The Contractor’s Village, consisting of twenty cabins, is now equipped with Detectors and Manual Call Points, all connected to a SmartNet-Pro Control Panel situated in one of the nearest cabins to the main site.

This setup also includes an interface for signalling to the main site.

Simon Hilton, Systems Account Manager at Marlowe Fire & Security, explained: “We chose SmartNet-Pro thanks to its proven reliability, robustness, and impressive installation speed.

“This project presented quite a challenge due to the amount of metal in the cabin construction, which would cause issues if installing a wired system, and means we needed a product with robust signal strength.

“Thanks to SmartNet’s 100% wireless capabilities, it ensured minimal disruption to the site and was quickly deployable.

“We’ve used Cygnus products before in similar settings and we’ve always been impressed with the outcome and this project was no exception.”

Ensuring continuous safety during maintenance

Heysham Power Station 1, which experiences intermittent maintenance outages, now benefits from SmartNet’s wireless radio devices that form a robust, self-forming, and self-healing mesh network.

This network allows nodes to connect dynamically, providing efficient and reliable network performance.

This feature ensures that the SmartNet fire detection and alarm system remains operational during outages, maintaining continuous on-site safety for workers.

The wireless nature of SmartNet eliminates the cabling complexities that would be problematic in metal structures and offers a scalable solution for future needs.

Advantages of a wireless system

The wireless design of the SmartNet-Pro system facilitates an easy installation process with minimal disruption, which is particularly valuable in industrial environments such as Heysham Power Station 1.

The self-healing mesh network technology enhances the system’s reliability, ensuring consistent protection even during maintenance periods.

SmartNet-Pro’s scalability makes it a viable option for sites with evolving safety requirements.

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