Darley pumps and CAFS enhance South African firefighting vehicle


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Industrial Fire & Hazard Control develops new firefighting vehicle

Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, a South African company, has introduced a new wildland firefighting vehicle called the SENTRY Wildland Interface Pumper.

As reported by Darley, this vehicle is built on a MAN TGM18.240 commercial 4×4 chassis and equipped with a Darley Hornet CAFS and Darley HM500 PTO driven pump, along with a Trident FOAMATE ATP system.

The SENTRY vehicle features an Elkhart Sidewinder deck monitor and an Elkhart BrushHawk bumper turret, both operable from inside the cab.

Additionally, it includes a HyperSight thermal imaging camera fitted to the BrushHawk, enhancing its firefighting capabilities.

Features and capabilities of the SENTRY vehicle

The SENTRY Wildland Interface Pumper is specifically designed for tackling wildland urban and mining interface fires in South Africa.

The vehicle has been built to deliver maximum impact at fire incidents, offering a “go anywhere” capability due to its robust design and advanced equipment.

For a mining company in South Africa, the SENTRY is expected to address the unique challenges posed by wildland and urban interface fires.

The inclusion of the Darley Hornet CAFS, Darley HM500 PTO driven pump, and Trident FOAMATE ATP system provides comprehensive firefighting support.

Advanced firefighting tools in the SENTRY

The Elkhart Sidewinder deck monitor and Elkhart BrushHawk bumper turret enhance the SENTRY’s operational efficiency, allowing for precise control over firefighting operations from within the vehicle’s cab.

The integration of the HyperSight thermal imaging camera further supports firefighters by providing clear visuals in challenging conditions.

These tools, combined with the vehicle’s “go anywhere” capability, ensure that the SENTRY Wildland Interface Pumper is well-equipped to manage diverse firefighting scenarios, making it a valuable asset for the mining industry in South Africa.

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