Deadline for Fire Brigades Union pay offer ballot approaches

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As reported by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), the ballot on the latest pay offer from employers remains open until 2pm on Friday, 17 May.

The pay offer includes a 4% increase, a new baseline of 26-week full pay maternity leave, and an increase in the top rate retainer fee from 10% to 15%.

The FBU Executive Council has recommended that members vote to accept the offer.

All eligible members will receive a ballot paper via email and home address.

If members haven’t received their ballot paper, they are advised to check their junk email or contact membership services at [email protected] with their name, membership number, email address, and home address to request a new one.

Key elements of the pay offer

The pay offer from the fire service employers includes a 4% increase on all NJC rates of pay, including Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Additionally, the new system for the retainer for firefighters working the Retained Duty System (RDS) proposes to increase the full cover rate from 10% to 15% of the basic pay.

Maternity pay is set to increase to 26 weeks full pay and 13 weeks of Statutory Maternity Pay.

The employers have also committed to continuing discussions on other pay concerns raised by the FBU.

This offer aims to address immediate pay issues, although the FBU acknowledges the need for long-term improvements.

Executive Council’s assessment and recommendation

The FBU Executive Council has assessed the offer and, despite recognising it does not fully address years of pay concerns, recommends members accept it.

The Executive Council noted that the pay offer would represent a real increase above inflation.

They also highlighted that the increase in the full cover retaining fee is a significant rise, marking the first such increase in decades.

The proposed increase in maternity pay represents a doubling of the provisions in the Grey Book.

The Executive Council has agreed to conduct a ballot of members, which will be held in both postal and online formats.

Letter from Matt Wrack to union members

In a letter to union members, Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the FBU, detailed the key elements of the pay offer.

He stated: “The fire service employers have written to us with an offer on pay for 2024.

“One key aim of the FBU has been to seek an offer for this year which could be implemented in time for the settlement date in July.

“The timing of this offer allows this to be achieved.”

Wrack emphasised the importance of the proposed increases and the need for continued campaigning for long-term improvements.

The Executive Council has unanimously recommended that members vote to accept the offer.

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