Detectortesters expands portfolio with acquisition of Hose Monster Company

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Acquisition announcement by Detectortesters

Detectortesters has acquired The Hose Monster Company, an Illinois-based manufacturer of flow testing equipment.

Detectortesters, a portfolio company of Inflexion Private Equity Partners, aims to integrate Hose Monster’s innovative technology into its existing product lines.

The Hose Monster Company, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, is renowned for its fire pump, standpipe, and fire hydrant testing solutions.

The company has developed a strong reputation for products that ensure water-based fire protection systems perform effectively during emergencies.

The recent launch of The Smart Monster line marks a significant advancement in digital flow testing technology.

Leadership comments on the acquisition

Robert Campbell, CEO of Detectortesters, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition: “We are excited to welcome The Hose Monster Company into the Detectortesters Group.

Throughout their 30 years in business, they have been constant innovators who have sought to improve standards within the industry.

Their ambitions and values match strongly with those of our own, and we are very much looking forward to collaborating with the talented team in Illinois to strengthen the business even further.”

Mike Tobey, CEO of Hose Monster, highlighted the benefits of the partnership: “The partnership with Detectortesters is a hugely positive development for everyone connected with The Hose Monster Company.

This partnership will enable us to reach the global fire protection community in a way we could not before – bringing our reliable, accurate, and efficient flow testing products to new corners of our planet and in the process making the world a safer place.”

Future prospects and potential developments

The acquisition is Detectortesters’ third in recent years, reflecting its strategy to enhance its product offerings.

Campbell indicated that more acquisitions could follow to further expand the company’s capabilities and customer reach.

Tobey also noted the potential for significant advancements in their product line: “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish for our customers with the addition of Detectortesters’ advanced engineering and technical development expertise.

They are well-positioned to take what we have done with the new Smart Monster line and supercharge its capabilities.”

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of The Hose Monster Company by Detectortesters represents a strategic move to enhance its portfolio with advanced flow testing solutions.

This partnership aligns with Detectortesters’ ongoing efforts to innovate and improve safety standards within the fire protection industry.

The combination of Hose Monster’s products and Detectortesters’ technical expertise is expected to bring substantial benefits to their global customer base.

Both companies share a commitment to advancing fire safety technologies, which is crucial for ensuring effective emergency responses.

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