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DITEK launches the DTK-120X12


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DITEK, the provider of surge protection solutions, announces the launch of a new complete electrical surge protection solution for fire alarm systems. The DTK-120X12 combines protection for 120V system power with protection for up to 12 low voltage circuits to eliminate unnecessary damage caused by electrical surge events.

This unique and compact new combination simplifies implementation of comprehensive surge protection for critically important fire alarm systems while providing for remote monitoring of surge protection status using dry contacts.

The convenient, modular plug-in design simplifies installation of surge protection modules and allows for easy replacement when needed. The combination of complete system protection along with high quality construction and field-replaceable modules makes this new offering a perfect fit for protecting alarm systems and control panels.

“The new DTK-120X12 brings together a simple and complete solution for fire alarm systems,” said Michael Molinari, Director of Marketing, DITEK. “By expanding protection beyond the primary power supply to the low voltage signaling and control circuits, this new protection solution drastically reduces the chances that these wires can carry destructive surges back into the Fire Control Panel. There is no better way to quickly protect a fire alarm system.”


The DTK-120X12 base is designed to be wall mounted and hardwired, and includes the 120VAC power surge protection unit with dry contacts for remote monitoring of surge protection status. The 120VAC module also has LEDs for visual confirmation of status, as well as a loud audible alarm that sounds if protection has been compromised.

This three-way notification is designed to ensure that the system will not remain unprotected. The base also has space for mounting up to 6 compatible low voltage protection modules (DTK-2MHLP and/or DTK-2MHTP) that can be used to protect up to 12 SLC, NAC, IDC, PIV, and dialer circuit pairs (these modules must be ordered separately to match the needs of the installation).

All the protection modules are field-replaceable, allowing for quick restoration of protection when needed. A sliding cover is provided to prevent accidental contact. The DTK-120X12 is UL1449 listed as a Type 2 SPD and UL497B for surge protection, UL1283 listed for EMI/RFI noise filtering, and complies with applicable IEEE standards. The DTK-120X12 is made in the USA, with a 10-year limited warranty.

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