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Product review: Dualie® 2AA flashlight

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In the latest product spotlight, International Fire and Safety Journal reviews the Dualie®2AA flashlight by lighting experts Streamlight

For on-scene responders, the importance of good quality lighting that delivers in the right areas cannot be understated. The equipment used needs to provide quick, reliable solutions that still maintains optimum performance whilst on scene. In terms of lighting solutions, quality lighting can often be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful mission.

In this article, we will review the Dualie®2AA, manufactured by lighting experts Streamlight. For this product, we firstly wanted to set out what would be important to the end user. Features such as operability, flexibility, reliability, run time and beam distance are just some specifications that are key for responders. Firstly, lets take a look at operability.


Firefighting crews are often faced with environments that require them to think, work and react fast in fire grounds that bring added danger to their role. For this reason, having equipment that is easy to use and handle is imperative for a successful mission. On this end, the Dualie®2AA seems to deliver an excellent solution for users. The flashlight has been built with one-handed operation in mind, and the end user has clearly been thought of from design to manufacture.

1-ISJ- Product review: Dualie® 2AA flashlight

Dual head switches on either side of the body make the Dualie a versatile option for users. The beam selection and operation of the Dualie® 2AA also make it a versatile solution. Both beams are able to be used at the same time, further improving scene lighting and improving the field of vision whilst in operation. This feature is something Streamlight have designed to help operators avoid slips, trips and falls, and with the dual lighting, it is easy to see how user safety is improved whilst using the flashlight.

An integrated magnet at the tail end of the of the flashlight also means that hands-free operation is an option when maneuverability is key. For operability, the Dualie’s design and features means it gives users flexibility and the confidence that they are aware of their surroundings and its dangers, whilst also being able to carry out their task.

Dualie 2AA durability

A flashlight is one of the most common pieces of equipment used by responders, therefore it must be able to operate in dangerous environments and remain durable during operations. One thing that immediately sticks out when testing the flashlight is how lightweight, yet durable that it appeared. Weighing in at 3.90 ounces, it would be easy to sacrifice durability for a lighter product, but this is not the case with the Dualie® 2AA.

3-ISJ- Product review: Dualie® 2AA flashlight

The 2AA comes with impact and chemical resistant Engineered Polymer resin v-ring sealed and vented, an unbreakable polycarbonate facecap and side lens with scratch resistant coating. The general feel of the Dualie® 2AA is sturdy yet light and small enough to carry on missions that need versatility. Overall, the compact design means that the flashlight is easy to operate and hold, whilst also still providing reliable lighting that can last through harsh environments.

Dualie 2AA performance

The previously mentioned dual lighting of the Dualie, which widens vision, uses both spot and flood light LED. With high lumens of 175, it should have come as no surprise that the flashlight shines bright. Even at its lowest lumen of 115, the flashlight delivers on its key objective of providing light when it matters most. For measure, the average iPhone flashlight has high lumens of 50. The beam distance is also something that stands out. Shining ahead at 111 meters, the Dualie® 2AA allows the user to see in to the distance, further improving visibility and safety on-scene by delivering extended lighting.

5-ISJ- Product review: Dualie® 2AA flashlight

Final thoughts

Going back to some of the key specifications that users look for such as operability, flexibility, reliability, run time and beam distance, the Dualie delivers on all fronts. Its compact design makes it an essential tool for responders that are tasked with dealing with dangerous, hazardous environments. With an Operating temperature of between -20°F to 130°F, its flexibility reflects the true nature of the changing role of firefighters. The water resistant design means that floods and other incidents can be attended.

The run time of 24 hours means that for incidents in the darkest environments, the flashlight remains a vital tool throughout the mission. The design, which makes one handed operation easy, doesn’t sacrifice on quality despite its light weight feel.

Upon opening the Dualie® 2AA, many things stood out, but its versatility in its performance is perhaps its greatest asset. The Dualie® is one of the many lighting solutions provided by Streamlight, and with the company continuing to engage with end users to develop lighting solutions, user friendly solutions like the Dualie® 2AA are just the latest in a long list of products off the Streamlight line that have developed. For more information on the Dualie® 2AA and more lighting products produced by Streamlight, visit:

Selected Dualie® 2AA specifications

High lumens175
Run time on high15.00 hours
Run time on low24.00 hours
Beam distance111 meters
Weight3.90 ounces (110.56 grams)
Length 6.10 inches (15.49 centimeters)
Battery TypeAA Alkaline
Max candela3,100
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