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E-sports venue in Nottingham enhanced with fire protection measures

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Fire protection focus at Nottingham’s E-sports venue

The Metronome, a prominent venue for E-sports enthusiasts located in the East Midlands, has recently undergone significant upgrades in its fire safety measures.

Fire protection is of paramount concern for such establishments, and The Metronome is no exception. The enhancements are being implemented by a certified installer for the fire protection brand, FIREFLY.

Their role is to ensure optimal safety measures for all who use the venue, including Nottingham Trent University students who utilise parts of The Metronome as a recording and production studio.

Products meet top fire protection standards

Specific products from FIREFLY’s range have been chosen to provide the required fire safety durations at this venue.

Notably, the FIREFLY Zeus Lite 90:30 barrier, known for its effectiveness in fire prevention, along with the Collaroll product, is being used to create sections within the basement area.

Daniel Oldacre, the Contract Manager for Krasi Fire Protection Limited, stated: “We began using the FIREFLY barriers a couple of years ago instead of mineral wool based systems.

“In the case of the contract here for the company which operates The Metronome, we put forward the FIREFLY Zeus Lite 90:30 as the best product to create the necessary fire barriers.

“FIREFLY’s Technical Manager, Dave Allen, assisted in supplying the necessary compliant details and is regularly attending site for required inspections.”

The choice of using the FIREFLY Zeus Lite 90:30 is backed by its capabilities: providing 90 minutes of integrity and 30 minutes of insulation.

Impressively, it surpasses the basic requirements for fire barriers as stated in the Building Regulations’ Approved Document B (Fire Safety).

The product is known for its flexible woven fabric fire barrier designed specifically for compartmentalising extensive concealed spaces within buildings.

User-friendly installation and superior protection

Furthermore, the FIREFLY range, constructed from woven and non-woven glass, is engineered to offer optimal resistance to flames and smoke while also providing heat protection in various situations.

One of the standout features of these barriers is their ease of installation, whether horizontally or vertically.

This adaptability is coupled with a comprehensive selection of ancillary products from FIREFLY, guaranteeing a fully tested and certified installation system.

IFSJ Comment

The enhancement of fire safety measures at The Metronome in Nottingham serves as a model for similar venues worldwide.

By adopting advanced products like the FIREFLY Zeus Lite 90:30 barrier, venues not only ensure the safety of their patrons but also set a high standard for fire prevention.

With increasing numbers of E-sports enthusiasts and other patrons utilising such spaces, having comprehensive and reliable fire protection systems in place becomes paramount.

As the fire safety industry continues to evolve, we anticipate seeing more establishments following suit, prioritising both the safety of their visitors and the integrity of their infrastructure.

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