Eaton’s ‘Fundamentals of critical power’ guide navigates protecting business continuity


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A brand new free download ‘Fundamentals of critical power’ makes an ideal starting point for building owners and facility managers to learn how an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can protect business continuity and what to take into consideration when talking about power back-up needs with a consultant or designer. It’s the latest in Eaton’s easy-to-read ‘Fundamentals’ series which launched in autumn 2020.

From the outset the priority has been to produce a practical, accessible resource that draws on Eaton’s leadership and deep knowledge in the UPS space but doesn’t attempt to cover every possibility down to every last technical detail. Instead, the guide encourages readers looking to plan a system to use it as a first step on their UPS journey – bringing Eaton specialists into the conversation when they feel ready.

Eaton’s Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director, Middle East said: “We see this new UPS guide as especially relevant as it enables the many different professionals involved in the buying process to talk on the same level – from the initial stages of planning a system through to building and commissioning it. It starts by taking a step back to understand how the core offline, online interactive and online topologies solve the nine power challenges businesses and organisations face. Once people understand why UPS systems are needed and what lies behind them, they’re better equipped to understand why a consultant is suggesting specific options.” 

Alongside valuable insights into key topics such as the flexibility of modular UPS and redundancy, cybersecurity and advanced power management software, the guide features a six-stage process to aid system design. It concludes with important background information on compliance plus possible outline system architectures covering a range of UPS scenarios.

For more information, visit Critical Power | Fundamentals Guide | Eaton

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