Edwards enters strategic Agreement with ADRF


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Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), a leading provider of in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and repeaters for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, have announced a strategic agreement with Edwards, a division of Carrier Global Corporation, and leading provider of fire detection and alarm solutions, to provide Edwards customers with mission-critical, emergency radio communication enhancement systems (ERCES) for first responders. The agreement expands Edwards’ fire and life safety products to include ADRF’s suite of in-building public safety communication solutions to help keep buildings and their occupants safe.

Across the country, Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) require buildings to install ERCES systems that adhere to local public safety mandates and codes. This ensures firefighters, EMTs, and police officers can communicate during emergency situations using land mobile radios (LMR) in every building area, including critical coverage zones like fire command rooms, exit stairwells, elevator lobbies, basements and exit passageways. Without these systems, natural and manmade obstacles such as low-emission glass, foliage, building materials, and more, can disrupt RF signals from entering a building and thus inhibit ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

“For well over a century Edwards has dedicated itself to providing the best fire and life safety protection for building owners, and through this agreement, we are excited to continue our commitment by offering ERCES to help first responders communicate in emergencies,” said Angie Gomez, general manager of Edwards. “ADRF is a well-known leader for in-building public safety communication and we are confident there is no better equipment to help our customers properly protect their buildings and inhabitants.”

ADRF’s best-in-class suite of public safety DAS, repeaters, battery backups, and passive components meet or exceed the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) codes, UL standards, and FCC rules. The company’s repeaters and battery backups were the first to be listed and certified to UL 2524, Second Edition, the most rigorous standard for emergency in-building communication. ADRF’s solutions also cover all public safety frequency bands including 700/800 MHz, UHF/VHF, FirstNet (Band 14) to provide ubiquitous connectivity in all areas of buildings.

“For over 20 years we have kept our promise to develop products that protect lives by ensuring first responder communication throughout a building,” said Dennis Burns, director of public safety at ADRF. “Through our collaboration with Edwards, we are broadening our reach in the fire and life safety sector and are now able to more directly provide our solutions to building owners when they need it most.”

To learn more about ADRF’s full suite of public safety products including DAS, repeaters, antennas, and components, visit www.adrftech.com. For more information on Edwards’ innovative fire and alarm detection services, visit www.edwardsfiresafety.com.

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