EmiControls launches new fire protection solutions for EVs at Porsche track in Italy

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Introduction of Q-Containers at Porsche Experience Centre in Franciacorta, Italy

Recently, EmiControls announced the deployment of two Q-Containers at the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, Italy, as reported by EmiControls.

This installation is part of an ongoing collaboration with Porsche Italia S.p.A. to enhance fire safety measures for electric vehicles (EVs) at various locations throughout Italy.

The Porsche Experience Center features multiple outdoor racetracks and circuits, including those for electric vehicles and karts.

Accidents on these tracks can cause significant damage to the vehicles.

Porsche Italia S.p.A. has adopted EmiControls’ fire protection solutions to mitigate the risks associated with potential fires in EVs.

Implementation and functionality of Q-Containers

The two Q-Containers will be operational within the next few weeks.

These containers are designed to place damaged vehicles under quarantine with 24/7 automatic fire monitoring.

This proactive approach aims to prevent fire hazards before they escalate, ensuring the safety of both the vehicles and the surrounding environment.

Dominik Cantonati, who oversees the e-mobility business unit at EmiControls, explained: “The primary function of the Q-Container is to contain and cool the battery in the event of thermal runaway, which often occurs unexpectedly and when the vehicle is unattended.”

He added that the system includes an off-gas detection feature that monitors emissions before, during, and after a venting event, allowing for a prompt cooling response to prevent thermal runaway.

Key features and benefits of Q-Container

The Q-Container offers two types of quarantine: ‘dry quarantine’ if no fire occurs, and ‘wet quarantine’ if a fire does break out.

In the case of a fire, the vehicle can be submerged up to 90 centimetres, depending on the vehicle type, to ensure comprehensive protection.

Cantonati highlighted: “This ensures rapid cooling of the battery pack with a compact volume of water at a relatively low temperature.”

Additionally, the Q-Container is equipped with a unique water mist system that uses minimal water to cover a large area, enhancing the cooling process.

The system is fully automated, ensuring that it can operate effectively even when staff are not present, such as during weekends and holidays.

Adaptability and future developments

Cantonati emphasised the flexibility of the Q-Container: “It occupies only slightly more space than a standard parking spot, reducing the required area by up to 90%.”

This compact design is particularly advantageous in densely populated areas where space is limited.

The container is also easily movable, allowing it to adapt to changing needs and environments.

User feedback has been instrumental in refining the Q-Container.

For instance, one customer suggested a cooling system positioned below the battery to accelerate the cooling process.

Other modifications have been made to accommodate different vehicle types and sizes, ensuring that the Q-Container remains a versatile and effective solution for various scenarios.

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