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Firefighters & EMS Fund petition hits 20,000 signatures

Firefighters & EMS Fund

A petition set up by the Firefighters & EMS Fund to stop fire department cuts across the U.S has reached 20,000 signatures.

The petition was set up in retaliation to departments being hit hard last year with budget cuts and not enough resources. According to the Firefighters & EMS Fund, poor funding and reduced budgets have led to unsafe working environments, layoffs, and equipment shortages which have created adverse results for the safety of communities. Because of these cuts, over 50% of firehouses in the US do not meet safety standards.

Firefighters & EMS Fund’s petition reads, “…it’s time for ordinary citizens, like you, that respect and appreciate our first responders and believe in the important services they provide to stand up for our fire departments. Firefighters and Emergency Responders will do everything they can to arrive first for you and your family when you need them most, now is the time for all of us to repay the debt.

If you support your local fire department, now is the time to stand with them and show your support. Help end the fire department budget cuts that are killing America’s local fire departments.”

Executive Director Nile Porter said in a statement: “Thank you to all of the concerned citizens across the country who want to put an end to the financial burdens being placed on fire departments in our communities. While this initiative has been a success, we must continue to stand up for the firefighters who put their lives on the line to keep our cities and towns safe in emergencies.” 

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