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Euralarm 2024 General Assembly: Leadership changes and key appointments

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Peter Mita elected new president of Euralarm

During the 2024 General Assembly of Euralarm in Prague, Peter Mita was elected as the new President of Euralarm.

As reported by Euralarm, Mita, who is the Southern Europe Commercial leader of Honeywell Fire, succeeds Jon Könz, who served as President for the past three years.

The assembly highlighted the accomplishments under Könz’s leadership, including advancements in information sharing, regulatory support for members, and guiding standardisation processes through technical committees and liaisons.

Euralarm has succeeded in aligning opinions and establishing clear priorities across the industries it represents, which include product and system manufacturers, installers, integrators, service providers, and national associations from all over Europe.

New leadership roles within Euralarm

The General Assembly also saw the election of several key figures to various leadership roles.

Christian Schmitz of Honeywell was elected as the chair of the Fire section, while Brian Cunningham of Drax 360 was elected as vice chair of the Services section.

Victoria Ferrera Lopez of Verisure was appointed chair of the Advocacy Committee, and Rodger Reiswig of JCI was named chair of the Horizontal Compliance Committee.

These appointments reflect Euralarm’s commitment to representing different industry disciplines through distinct sections with separate memberships.

These sections work together in high-level dialogues with institutional players and other European stakeholders.

Full board composition of Euralarm

The full board of Euralarm now includes a diverse group of leaders from various sectors.

Alan Elder and Gerd Hülsen serve as chair and vice chair of the Extinguishing section, respectively.

Christian Schmitz and Neil Budd are the chair and vice chair of the Fire section.

Oscar Feijo Jimenez and Milan Ceeh hold the positions of chair and vice chair of the Security Section.

Robert Thilthorpe and Brian Cunningham are the chair and vice chair of the Services section.

Victoria Ferrera Lopez leads the Advocacy Committee, Rodger Reiswig heads the Horizontal Compliance Committee, Anja Schäfers chairs the Marketing Committee, and Nikolaos Stamoulis oversees the Finance Committee.

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