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Euralarm expands global fire safety guidance with new country fact sheets

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Euralarm Fire Section has announced the release of five new Country Fact Sheets, detailing the fire safety requirements of Argentina, Ireland, Norway, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These documents, designed as guidance tools for Euralarm members and their affiliates, can be accessed by logging into their system.

The new Country Fact Sheets provide extensive information related to the fire detection industry in these respective countries. They encompass key data such as fire safety standards, marking and certification procedures, the legal and regulatory framework, primary installation codes, and other pertinent notes.

This addition expands Euralarm’s existing library of Country Fact Sheets, which already covers countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, People’s Republic of China, the USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Italy.

Euralarm’s initiative aims to enhance the understanding of fire detection requirements globally and streamline international compliance efforts. The Country Fact Sheets are now available for download on the Euralarm Fire Section’s website.

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