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Euralarm to host live webinar on the Digital Decade

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“Europe aims to empower businesses and people”: Euralarm webinar on the Digital Decade

Euralarm has announced a live webinar titled “Guiding You Through the Digital Decade” scheduled for June 26 from 16:00 to 17:30 CET.

The webinar aims to address the implications of Europe’s Digital Decade policy for the fire safety and security industry, focusing on the challenges and priorities within this sector.

Europe’s digital transformation goals

Europe’s Digital Decade policy programme aims to create a human-centred, sustainable, and more prosperous digital future.

The programme sets concrete targets and objectives for 2030, guiding the continent’s digital transformation.

Impact on fire safety and security industry

The webinar will explore what the Digital Decade means for the fire safety and security industry.

Participants will gain insights into the challenges and priorities facing the industry as it navigates this digital transformation.

Registration and participation

Seats for the webinar can be booked through the following link: Webinar Registration.

This event offers an opportunity for industry professionals to stay informed about upcoming changes and strategies related to digital transformation.

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