Evac+Chair releases 900H Power evacuation chair


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Evac+Chair is the original manufacturer and global leader in emergency evacuation chairs for the mobility impaired. With 40 years’ experience in the design, Evac+Chair is trusted and relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives.  

There are 14.1 million disabled people living in the UK, and it is imperative that all commercial buildings provide a safe means of evacuation for everyone. In addition, temporary mobility impairments, such as a sporting injury, pregnancy or even a panic attack brought about by an emergency evacuation, will impede an individual’s ability to self-evacuate. Having an evacuation chair in a commercial building is vital to ensure everyone can be safely evacuated in the event of a fire, or other emergency.  

An Evac+Chair will provide a safe means of escape for the mobility impaired individual and protect everyone.  In the event of an emergency, should a mobility impaired person attempt to evacuate without assistance, they could impede the entire evacuation, putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.   

Independent research carried out by the University of Greenwich concluded that we provide the safest, quickest means of escape for the mobility impaired, compared with other types of evacuation products. Whilst the design of the Evac+Chair has been unaltered over the last 40 years, it has been enhanced, in terms of passenger safety and comfort. In addition, the range has expanded to provide products that suit different types of staircases and accommodate heavier payload passengers.  

Evac+Chair recently introduced its new range – the 900H Power – a 24V, Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair. Designed for one-person operation its powered belt track system reduces manual handling and facilitates a smooth, safe and quick method of upward or downward evacuation.  

One full battery charge provides enough power to last for 150 flights of stairs, giving complete peace of mind that the mobility impaired can be evacuated upwards or downwards in an emergency. The easy-to-use control pad enables the user to control the speed and direction (upward or downward) of the evacuation chair and the head support, arm and foot rests provide assistance and comfort to the passenger. With a payload capacity of 160kg, the 900H Power can evacuate bariatric passengers with ease and the ascending control handles, enable a second person to assist.  

Evac+Chair manufactures a wide range of evacuation chairs that are suitable for all commercial environments including offices, hotels, schools, sports stadia, retail outlets, healthcare and factories, each chair has a unique set of features that make it more suitable for certain environments.  

Evac+Chair offer complimentary, no obligation evacuation assessments to ensure the correct evacuation chair is selected. Consultants assess the staircase/s that will be used in an emergency evacuation – taking into account the direction of the evacuation (upward/downward), width and angle of the staircase. They will gain an understanding of any personnel requirements that either the passenger or operator may have, enabling the consultant to recommend the most suitable Evac+Chair for the premises.  

Evac+Chair firmly believe that it is vital that all operators undertake training. Offering an ‘Operator Training Course’ and ‘Key Training Masterclass’, Evac+Chair training courses are designed to ensure delegates have the knowledge, practical experience and confidence to competently deploy and operate the evacuation chair. The ‘Key Trainer Masterclass’ is suitable for larger organisations/premises who require multiple persons to be trained and certifies the delegate to train others. Evac+Chair courses certify a delegate for three years, after which it is recommended that all delegates refresh their knowledge and practical experience.  

As a Class 1 Medical Device, an Evac+Chair should be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure its safe operation. This requirement is included within the PUWER Regulation (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations 1988 – UK only). To help their customers meet this legal requirement Evac+Chair offer a 1, 3 and 5-year maintenance contracts. This includes full call out cover, genuine replacement parts that no other third party can supply and labour. Giving complete peace of mind that in the event of an emergency everyone can be evacuated.  

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