Exclusive interview with Jim Everett, President of PAC Tool Mounts

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Speaking exclusively with International Fire and Safety Journal, Jim Everett, President of PAC Tool Mounts evaluates the last year for the company 

Q – How has the last year been for PAC Tool Mounts?

I am happy to report that demand for PAC products held strong through 2020 and into the first half of 2021.  We are cautiously optimistic as we move forward through the rest of this year, keeping in mind that some reductions in apparatus sales in late 2020 may have a negative impact going forward.

This may have a delayed effect on purchases from our OEM customers that would not be realized on our end, until the end of 2021 and into the first half of 2022.  In the final analysis, we are very happy with the continued level of support from all our customers who have continued to actively promote the PAC line of products over the last 18 months, and we are very optimistic about what the future holds for PAC’s position in the emergency services industry going forward.

Q – What gaps in the market have you seen developing in the past year?

Probably the most notable to date has been the drop in direct sales to fire departments themselves.  Municipalities both large and small throughout the U.S. have reacted quickly to the effects of the Pandemic by tightening the purse strings regarding their capital spending accounts. 

Not knowing how long the Pandemic would have things shut down, along with potential reductions in additional government subsidies going forward, has put many local governments on alert when it comes to their spending process.  We are confident these “gaps” will work themselves out over time, it’s just a question of what that time frame will be.

Q – Have you managed to bring any new products to market?

This is an easy one to answer … YES.  Typically, we look to introduce a couple new products, or create improvements to existing products every year. In evaluating the potential impact Covid-19 may have on demand of PAC products going forward, we made a conscious decision to up our game in coming up with multiple new designs for products that have been on our radar for a while now. One grouping of new products we’re very excited about is our SuperFlex bracket kits. This style of positive locking bracket represents a new direction in design and functionality, and addresses securing items such as extinguishers and oxygen tanks that we really didn’t have an effective option for previously.  

When the economy starts to come back and the fire market buyers get their feet back on solid ground, we are confident that the demand for products, both new and existing, will be stronger than ever.  When that change starts to take hold, PAC will be ready with the answers to our customer needs.

Q – Tell us a bit more about your new SuperFlex Kits

We are extremely excited about the potential for this new product.  The SuperFlex bracket currently is available in two grip range sizes. The SuperFlex3 has a grip range of 2 ½” – 3 ½”, and the SuperFlex4 has a larger range of 3 ½” – 4 ½”.  Primarily sold in pairs to achieve maximum stability for longer cylindrical items, the SuperFlex brackets combine the flexibility and quick release element of a friction style mount with the increased holding power of a positive locking style bracket. 

In addition to the standard pair kits, SuperFlex also comes in a 3lb Extinguisher Mount design to provide a secure mount for 3lb extinguishers up to 3 ½” in diameter, and the Oxygen Bottle / 5lb Extinguisher Mount designed to provide secure mounting for a D style oxygen bottle, 5lb extinguishers, or other cylindrical items up to 4 ½” in diameter.  Each of these kits include a pair of SuperFlex mounts mounted to an anodized aluminum mounting channel and cylinder base rest. T

his complete kit allows for quick and easy installation in the cab or compartment of any emergency vehicle.  As what PAC is known for, the SuperFlex brackets are made from an extremely durable composite material that affords the user years of safe and secure performance, even in the toughest of conditions. Finally, our new style strap is an adjustable lock strap that allows for just the right amount of tension in securing items and has a new larger open-faced locking handle for ease in engaging and disengaging, even when wearing gloves.

Q – What common issues within the fire departments do the kits solve?

First and foremost we feel confident that these brackets, as included in the two cylinder mounting kits, will be a great asset to mounting items such as fire extinguishers and oxygen cylinders in the occupied areas of a vehicle.  Both these bracket kits have been tested and certified to meet and exceed NFPA 1901 impact testing standards, making them the perfect option for mounting these cylindrical items in the cab of a vehicle. 

In addition, The SuperFlex kits offer the user a smaller mounting footprint when looking to secure different types of cylindrical items in a confined or tightly spaced area.  As with all PAC products, the SuperFlex kits come with PAC’s Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Recently unveiled at the FDIC Show in Indianapolis, the SuperFlex Kits received extremely positive reviews by those who visited our display booth. 

Q – What do you believe is the future of tool storage?

We couldn’t be more excited about the future potential when it comes to tool and equipment storage.  Every year more and more tools are introduced into the fire market.  More tools increase the need for better organization and accountability for these expensive pieces of equipment.  Also, the market seems to be gradually moving towards smaller, more maneuverable vehicles. As with the vehicles used in the European market as well as other countries around the world, smaller trucks result in having to really maximize the storage space a vehicle has available. 

This is where PAC’s expertise can be a huge asset to these fire departments and OEM’s.  We are already starting to work with certain truck manufacturing operations in establishing standardized kits of tool mounting boards and brackets for inclusion into the established compartments of those builders’ trucks.  Simply put, more and more tools with less available space, results in a need for better organization of tools and equipment allocated to those vehicles.  PAC and our team of professional support staff are excited at the opportunity the future holds. 

Great products are obviously a key component in PAC’s long-term success in the industry.  Just as important however is our dedication to giving our customers the absolute best in customer service. We embrace the need that our customers rely on our products and service to be the best available in assisting them in their service to their customers and their communities.

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