Exclusive: Protecting critical assets with Reacton

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Ed Chivers, Global Product & Certification Director at Reacton talks about automatic fire suppression and Reacton’s plans in the Middle East

Reacton are global manufacturers of automatic fire suppression systems, providing industry-leading fire protection for a range of critical assets and industries. Our systems protect assets as small as residential kitchens, electrical panels and enclosures and as large as heavy plant and machinery, mining vehicles and buses and coaches.

Reacton systems are automatic and require no external power for operation, meaning your critical assets are protected even during any downtime. The system utilises a pneumatic tube as our means of fire detection, when the tube detects a fire it will burst which triggers a loss of pressure and the activation of the system.

From this, the extinguishing agent is delivered via the discharge network consisting of the discharge hose and nozzles (for our indirect system) or straight to the point of detection through the detection tube (in the case of the direct system).

We are proud to have numerous global partners who are supported by our international branches. With offices based in Phoenix (USA), Essex (UK) and Dubai (UAE), our offices and the expert teams behind them we ensure that all of our partners receive the best support possible.

The Middle Eastern market is of particular interest to Reacton and is very heavily supported through our office in Dubai, UAE. The growth that areas of the region has seen over the past 30 years has been incredible and with discussions of further developments being made, there is a lot of opportunity for Reacton to showcase our global presence.

With an industry-leading product and various global approvals to support us, we have already had an impact in the Middle East and have plans to continue this. In November of 2021, we announced our partnership with Tabra Trading who specialise in vehicle safety. We are proud to supply Tabra with systems and resources to protect thousands of buses across the entirety of the United Arab Emirates.

Our work with Tabra Trading is just one example of how Reacton has supplied industry-leading fire protection to the Middle East. We have had numerous projects in the past, in present-day and plans for future projects in the region as demand for our products grows.

There are multiple sectors of interest in the Middle East when it comes to fire protection, notably the vehicle industry which we have already been able to target. Our plans extend beyond vehicle fire protection in the Middle East, our systems are suited for an array of sectors with common components and factors involved- making the Reacton system versatile and suitable for any market or industry.

Reacton is a Silver Sponsor of the IFSJ Leader in Fire & Safety Conference which will be held on Thursday 11 May 2023 at The Grosvenor Hotel, Dubai Marina. For more information please visit https://ifsjleadersinfireandsafety.com/.

This article was originally published in the March edition of IFSJ. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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