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Firefighting is an inherently dangerous environment and firefighters are exposed to risk while performing their duties. The workload of a fire and rescue services has also changed throughout the years. In addition to fighting fires, they are at the forefront of many other rescue operations. Therefore, advanced tools that can help to keep firefighters connected who are on- and off-scene, maintain situational awareness and provide actionable data is a key element in firefighter safety.

MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform, driven by LUNAR, provides that solution.

The Connected Firefighter Platform

MSA´s Connected Firefighter platform is a suite of products designed for every firefighter on-scene, both those on air and off. Linked together they create visibility, increase efficiency, situational awareness, and enable accountability for everyone on the scene. This set of products connects the fireground to the cloud. comprised by the M1 SCBA Telemetry solutions, the FireGrid Software suite, and the latest breakthrough technology LUNAR.

Key Components of Connected Firefighter Platform

The Connected Firefighter ecosystem is comprised of:

LUNAR – a cloud-connected, comfortable to carry in hand and wireless device to provide enhanced thermal imaging, what’s beneficial for firefighters’ situational awareness. With LUNAR firefighters know who’s in distress and needs help with direction and distance information to help find separated teammates and decrease response time. This technology alerts incident commanders to who’s down and who’s searching for them – all while still having a remote monitoring piece.

FireGrid – a web-based cloud platform composed of FireGrid Monitor tablet application and FireGrid Configure mobile application. It’s easily accessible from anywhere which provides an additional layer of firefighter safety by collecting smart data to increase a department’s capability for managing products, people, and processes. On-scene information is aggregated from products and is available for immediate usage or stored for post-scene data reporting. So, it could be used by a department’s incident commander, someone monitoring off-scene remotely, a fleet maintenance manager, or even a training officer.

MSA HUB – the wireless gateway to the cloud for telemetry-enabled MSA SCBA. It enables active monitoring of air management information both on-scene for local monitoring and remotely from anywhere in the world. MSA HUB can be used as a local system by using its own hotspot for connectivity or by connecting to an existing internet connection. The wireless capability enhances mobility and introduces the use of FireGrid Monitor to allow Local Incident Command the option to not be tethered to their command vehicle and to be closer to the action.

Other Products Considered as a Part of Connected Firefighter Platform

M1 SCBA –  For those wearing MSA M1 SCBA, embedded Bluetooth technology connects to LUNAR, providing estimated air pressure, time remaining, and battery life all on-screen for a complete safety point-of-view.

ALTAIR® 4XR and ALTAIR® 5X – these portable multigas detectors have embedded Bluetooth technology to connect to LUNAR and the MSA M1.

A Virtual Demo of LUNAR

1-ISJ- Experience a virtual demo of LUNAR from MSA

Watch a virtual demo of LUNAR where MSA’s experts explain in-depth how LUNAR works and the advantages of the product network. The videos are available in English, German and French language.

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